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Our Staff

We are truly lucky to have such an skilled staff that are both qualified and love working with children. Read about each member of our team below.

Angie Day, M.E.T.     

Director, Sunny Days 

Angie, originally from Pocatello, Idaho, has lived in the Treasure Valley since 2006. With her husband Aaron, they have been raising two daughters, Ariana and Alyssa. Angie has been working in early childhood education since 2010. Working for Boise Cooperative Preschool as a Fundraising Chair, Registrar, Board President, and parent volunteer. In 2021, Angie returned to BCP as the Director for 2 years and has transitioned into this new partnership with them and Sunny Days Learning Academy. Aside from her preschool expericence, Angie holds a Bachelors in International Studies, Secondary Education and Masters in Educational Technology. She currently holds a teaching certificate that includes an endorsement in Child Development.  


Lead Teacher, 2 and 3 Year Old Class 

Sage was born and raised in Massachusetts, where her love for the outdoors and education began. She moved to Idaho and received a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Development. She loves to work with children through play-based practices and believe they can thrive and understand themselves more when invited to a safe place to learn and grow. For the past 5 years, Sage has worked with children mainly in outdoor nature-based schools. She moved to Boise, to pursue her Masters in Education Curriculum and Instruction. In my free her time, Sage loves to bake, play sports, and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

Michelle Burton 

Assistant Teacher, 2 and 3 Year Old Class

Michelle is proud to have been caring for and teaching children in the Boise area for over 20 years. She spent those years in a variety of childcare and educational settings. Along with teaching children of all ages and different developmental stages, her focus has been to show each child that they are important and special in their own unique way. Michelle has always let them know that they are heard and acknowledged and that they are loved and appreciated. A child's first few years are the most important and influential moments in their development and she strives to help them reach those milestones.  


Assistant Teacher, 2 and 3 Year Old Class

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